Posted by on Oct 26, 2014 in General

personal training is all about you and your needs your ambitions goals & targets many people go to gyms and take on personal trainers and unfortunately its all about them not you they say look how good i look and you can be like me for a massive fee (its laughable) we at JOEYS GYM  want to listen to what you want and if its achievable we will take you on so its a 2 way street we will give you vast experience in fitness and multi sports our team are father and son Giuseppe Paladino & Giuseppe Paladino jnr 


we will give you a full body statistics body fat levels , water levels , bone density , body mass ratio , metabolic age and more , and exercises that will suit you and attack body areas you want to work on most we will motivate you give you self confidence but most of all be honest with you if we feel you are not giving us 100% we will stop training you our aim is results so you give us determination dedication & desire you will get the shape you desire